This page has been included to enable the Sidbury Ward Town Councillor to be in touch with those who they represent and to ensure that Sidbury residents are aware of happenings that may affect Sidbury, and what may be of interest that is happening in the Valley.

The Town Councillor for the Sidbury Ward is:
Cllr. John Loudoun

Councillor Loudoun

Tel: 01395 597166

22 May 2019 Sidmouth Town Council Planning Committee
May 21st 2019

Attached is the agenda for the Town Council's Planning Committee meeting being held on 22 May. There are a few planning applications relating to properties in Sidbury. If you have any issues with any of these please let me know.

John Loudoun

Sidmouth Town Council Annual Meeting – 20 May 2019
May 21st 2019

This was the first meeting of the new Council. Within the 19 Town Councillors there are 9, including myself, for whom this was their first meeting having just been elected for a four-year period of office.

Elections – with the failure of the previous Council Chair, Ian McKenzie-Edwards, to be re-elected by the voters in his Ward in the recent elections there was the opportunity for a new face to step into this role. I put my hat in the ruing but was beaten to the position of Chair by the previous Vice Chair, Ian Barlow (Salcombe Regis Ward).

With Ian having been elevated from his role as Vice Chair it was time to elected a successor. The well-respected Councillor with special responsibility for overseeing the Council’s finances, Paul Wright (South Ward), was elected as Vice Chair.

Here’s a photograph of all of the recently elected Councillors -

Town Councillors

Police update – at each Council meeting Sargent Andy Squire, who leads our local police team, provides an update of key crime statistics. The good news seems to be – last month crime detection rates increased, year on year the number of crimes have reduced and despite pockets of incidents, such as anti-social behaviour by a few people, the area is seen as a safe one.

Andy has announced that he will be retiring next March. Hopefully, long before he goes, we will find out who will replace him in this important role.

Neighbourhood Plan – the Town Council has prepared a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish of Sidmouth with the help of the local community. The plan sets out a vision for the future of the parish and planning policies which will be used to determine planning applications locally.

The draft plan is currently being reviewed by an independent assessor. The plan will then be submitted to the District Council for its agreement and then it will be put out to a referendum of residents. It is not anticipated that a referendum will happen before either late summer or early autumn.

In the meantime, you can view the draft plan here –

Hopper Bus – the much-used bus, who’s season starts on Saturday 25 May, now has an additional welcome stop at the garden centre. The timetable for the hopper bus has as of yet to migrate to the Visit Sidmouth website. Once its available electronically I will post it. In the meantime, here’s how back in March the Sidmouth Herald reported the new route –

Sidbury War memorial – the War Memorial has now been given listed building status by Historic England. It is now pleasingly listed as a Grade II building and therefore it enjoys a degree of protection from future change. I believe that this is a most welcome move by Historic England and reflects the importance that the Memorial has as a commemoration of our war dead.

The Sidmouth Herald has reported this –

Meetings of the Town Council are held monthly at the Town Council’s offices in Woolcombe House which is located between the Byes and the police station. The meetings start at 6.30 pm and don’t usually last longer than 90 minutes to a couple of hours.

Town Council meetings are open to members of the public and you are able to ask a question of the Council in an open session. Why not come along and see for yourself how your Town Council works!

A final thought arising out of my first meeting is to ask the question – why does everyone at the meeting have to stand up every time they ask a question or make a contribution? I was told off for not standing up when I asked my first question! It seems to me to be a somewhat arcane practice. I hope that this unnecessary quaint practice will stop as it doesn’t seem to add anything to how the Council does its business.

John Loudoun

Sidmouth Hopper Bus Leaflet
May 21st 2019

The link to the latest Hopper Bus leaflet which includes the route and the timetable -

John Loudoun