Kill Your Speed, Not Our Villagers

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STAG Public MeetingHow much traffic passes through our village?
This is the result of a Traffic Survey undertaken on ONE DAY in Fore Street 11th July 2018
Traffic Survey Graph
3,239 vehicles per day = 22,673 per week (at least!)
Click HERE to download a full sized graph.

Now we need to discover how many are exceeding the 20mph speed limit
Sidbury has a 20mph limit through the village with signs on the A375 at each end of the village and at Ridgeway, Church Street, Bridge Street and Greenhead.

The aim of this limit is to reduce vehicle speeds to allow for the presence of vulnerable road users; cyclists, children and the elderly.

If a pedestrian is hit at:

  • 40mph there is about a 9 in 10 (90%) chance of being killed or 10% chance of survival.
  • at 35mph there is a 50/50 chance of being killed.
  • at 30mph there is about a 1 in 5 (20%) chance of being killed or 80% chance of survival.
  • at 20mph there is about a 1 in 40 (2.5%) chance of being killed or 97% chance of survival.
(Source Ashton and Mackay 1979)

Report on Sidbury WI's meetings to launch our 'Kill your speed, Not our Villagers' Campaign

On Wednesday April 25th 2 meetings were held in the Village Hall to launch our road safety campaign. The 2pm meeting was timed to be convenient for parents collecting school children and another meeting was held at 7pm.
Photos, below, show some of the attendees of the two meetings.

Kill your speed public meeting
Kill your speed public meeting

We decided that we should invite villagers and parents of school children to the meetings to ascertain the level of concern and support.
The meetings were chaired by our President Desley Jones.
Charlotte Hill, head teacher at the school and Sergeant Andy Squires, our Community and Neighbourhood Officer joined us along with Phil a PCO.

Bridget Roberts explained how this campaign began when she was unable to cross the road because of the speed of the traffic until a 'Good Samaritan' came to her rescue.
Bridget asked if there was anything the WI could do about it.

Charlotte explained that the school is concerned about the safety of the children and the children's homework is to design a poster for road safety.

Andy Squires gave us much valuable information. He explained that most 20mph zones can now be enforced. He gave figures which showed that the majority of vehicles monitored in 2014/15 and more recently did not adhere to the 20mph speed limit.
He explained how a Community Speed Watch works and that we would need a minimum of 6 volunteers to undertake this.
Training and equipment would be given for this.
It would also be beneficial to carry out traffic surveys in the village.

Andy agreed that our aim to obtain flashing 20 mph signs would be of benefit in the village. There might possibly be some funding from Sidmouth Town Council or Parishes Together Funds.
Although Andy was not able to attend the evening meeting his points were put over by John Loudoun. Click here for a pdf version of his report.

Desley reported that Stuart Hughes, the cabinet member for highways on Devon County Council, who was unable to attend our meetings, has already arranged for monitoring of the traffic through Sidbury, using part of his budget to do this.
The results should be ready in a few weeks' time.

David Barrett attended the evening meeting in his capacity as a School Governor.

Between the 2 meetings about 80 people attended. We invited comments from the floor and they were given the opportunity to make comments using Post-it notes on 2 maps and to place dots on their areas of concern.

There were no surprises in the concerns voiced.
Our village has narrow roads with many bends and very few pavements which cause problems to pedestrians and vehicle drivers.
A lot spoke about the speed of traffic along the straight part of Cotford Road but it was also pointed out that the speed limit falls from 40 to 30 and then 20 very rapidly. Cotford Bridge was also a danger zone.
The speed of the traffic was a concern throughout the village and those in Burnt Oak were unhappy about speeding cars at that end of the village. It was felt that the whole of the village should be covered by the 20 mph zone.
Those cars entering the A375 from Greenhead found this very difficult as it is difficult to get a clear view of the road and it was reported that collisions have happened there.
It was felt that the road is too narrow and twisting for large vehicles.

As we explained to the meeting, the primary outcome desired by Sidbury WI is to have flashing 20 mph signs at each end of the village as these should be achievable and effective.

Other outcomes desired by those at the meeting included:

  • Pedestrian Crossing
  • A lollipop person
  • 20mph speed limit throughout the village
  • A warning sign at the sharp bend on Chapel St where the road narrows
  • More 20 mph signs and /or on the road, are needed in the village as reminders
  • A weight restriction on Cotford Bridge
  • The road being returned to its status as a B road as the village was initially told that the change would be temporary
  • The 'SLOW' writing on the road at Burnt Oak which had been removed for repairs to be repainted
It was pointed out that the people in the village should set a good example by keeping to the 20 mph speed limit.
People were invited to sign the forms to volunteer for traffic monitoring and/or Community Speed Watch.
A fantastic number of 30 volunteered for the Community Speed Watch and/or the Traffic Monitoring.
The way forward was discussed.

Once the results of the monitoring was known a meeting would be set up by Stuart Hughes to include, police from Highways and Road safety team, 2 Sidmouth Town Council members, district member and members from the WI.